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1350 North Parker Drive
Janesville, WI 53545

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TAGOS Leadership Academy curriculum consists of student driven, project-based learning experiences along with a self-directed, teacher led math program that includes components of computerized math. Students complete research projects based on their interests and passions in a business-like setting. The emphasis at TAGOS Leadership Academy is on the process of learning; TAGOS is not only interested in what a student learns but also in how a student learns. Students consult with their advisors to tailor a standards-based curriculum that meets their individual needs. Advisors meet with students to set and achieve project goals. Students keep detailed learning logs that document time spent on different aspects of their project. Credits are awarded after final evaluation with two faculty advisors. Students are evaluated on their record keeping and time management skills, state academic standards, and the quality of their final product and presentation. Students, along with their advisor, determine what standards have been met during each project. TAGOS Leadership Academy provides a rigorous education in a unique format, and aims to build a love for independent, life-long learning in its students.

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