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Creative Product Ideas

Don’t settle for producing reports and display boards for every project. Get creative! Use the ideas below, brainstormed by TAGOS Leadership Academy students, to help you design products that ooze with originality and really show what you know. Remember, any product idea can be modified to work with any topic.

Broadcast the news Find and invite a guest speaker
Build a ________________ Give a lecture
Build a diorama Host a competition
Build furniture Illustrate a book
Choreograph a dance Keep a journal
Clan a park/river Layout a pamphlet
Compile a short story collection Learn a musical instrument
Compose a piece of music Make a book
Construct a terrarium Make a collage
Construct a toy or puzzle Make a compilation CD
Cook an international dinner Make a documentary
Create a batik Make a film/video
Create a card game Make a poster
Create a coin collection Make candy
Create a crossword puzzle book Make wall paper
Create a detailed chart/diagram Paint a mural
Create a glossary/dictionary Perform a choral reading
Create a graphic design Perform a monologue
Create a mobile Perform a pantomime
Create a pattern with instructions Perform a radio show
Create a photo essay Publish a magazine
Create a scale drawing/model Put on a fashion show
Create a scrapbook Put on a puppet show
Create a sculpture Put on a skit
Create a timeline Recite a speech
Create a watercolor painting Record a family tree
Create an elegy Record a song/CD
Create an oil/acrylic painting Reupholster a chair
Create ceramic pieces Schedule and do a debate
Create jewelry Set up a display
Create/sell bumper stickers Sew a flag
Curate and hang an art exhibit Sew clothing
Design a board game Start a band
Design a product package Start a hotline
Design a series of greeting cards Start an organization
Design a teacher’s lesson plan Survey and collect data
Design a travel itinerary Take action on an issue
Design a video game Take/develop photographs
Design a website Write a biography
Design an advertisement Write a children’s book
Design and sew a costume Write a cinquain
Design the sets for a play Write a computer program
Direct a play/musical Write a fable/fairy tale
Display a museum exhibit Write a letter to a politician
Do a charcoal drawing Write a letter to the editor
Do a demonstration Write a newspaper article
Do a movie montage Write a novella
Do a silk screening Write a report
Do a slide show Write a science fiction story
Do an etching or print Write a series of haikus
Do an experiment Write a series of limericks
Do colored pencil drawings Write a sonnet
Do reader’s theater Write a textbook/manual
Do stitchery Write an editorial
Draw a blueprint Write an essay
Draw a map with legend Write the history of _______ 
Draw a series of comic strips Write/submit a magazine article

What can I do instead of a PowerPoint?

3D model Machine
Activity Sheet Magic show
Advertisement Manual
Alphabet book Map with legend
Animated movie Mask
Archive Matrix
Art gallery Mazes
Banner Menu
Big book Metaphor
Block picture story Mobile model
Blueprint Mock trial
Board game Model
Broadcast Monologue
Brochure Montage
Budget Monument
Bulletin board Mosaic
Bumper sticker Multimedia
Business plan Mural
Button Museum exhibit
Campaign Musical
Cartoon Narrative
Celebration Needlework
Chart Newsletter
Choral reading Newspaper
Clay Sculpture Nonfiction story
Club Oral defense
Coat of arms Oral report
Code Organization
Collage Packet
Collection Painting
Comedy skit Pamphlet
Comic Strip Panel discussion
Commemorative stamp Pantomime
Commentary Paper Mache
Commercial Pattern
Competition Performance
Computer Program Petition
Construction Photo album
Cookbook Photo essay
Costumes Picture dictionary
Critique Picture story for children
Crossword puzzle Pictures
Dance Plaster of Paris model
Database Play
Debate Poem
Demonstration Political cartoon
Detailed illustrations Pop-up book
Diagram Portfolio
Dialogue Position paper
Diary Postage Stamp
Diorama Prediction
Display Press conference
Documentary Prototype
Dramatization Puppet show
Edibles Puzzle
Editorial Radio Program
Essay Rap
Etching Rebus story
Evaluation checklist Recipe
Event Reenactment
Exhibit Riddle
Experiment Role play
Fact tile Scavenger Hunt
Fairly tale Science fiction story
Family Tree Scrapbook
Film Sculpture
Flag Seminar
Flipbook Service Project
Game Simulation
Game show Skit
Graph Slogan
Graphic Soliloquy
Greeting card Song
Handbook Sound
Hidden picture Speech
How to Book Spreadsheet
Hypermedia Survey
Illustrated story Tall tale
Interview Television show
Invention Test
Itinerary Textbook
Jingle Time capsule
Joke book Timeline
Journal Transparencies
Large scale drawing Travel brochure
Laser show Travelogue
Learning center Venn diagram
Lecture Video game
Lesson Web page
Literary analysis Write a new law


Adapted from Karnes & Stephens' The Ultimate Guide for Student Product Development.

PowerPoint Pointers

1. 7 x 7 Rule
     • No more than seven words per line
     • No more than seven lines per slide
     • Do not use complete sentences or paragraphs
2. Don't go FONT crazy! (no more than two per show)
     • One for the title page
     • One for text pages
3. Don’t use text smaller than 18 point
4. Speak to the audience, not to the screen
    • Do not read to your audience
5. Keep the “bells and whistles” to a minimum
6. Maintain uniformity of slide design
     • Always go to the SLIDE MASTER to make changes
7. Always use the SAME transition between slides for consistency
8. Use contrasting colors
     • Light colors on a dark background or vice versa

For more pointers, check out this list from Garr Reynolds.

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