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1350 North Parker Drive
Janesville, WI 53545

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Want to Attend TAGOS?

TAGOS Leadership Academy is a Free Public Charter School Serving Students in Grades 7 - 12.  Our school currently builds relationships with and educates 72 students, all of which attend based on their selection in either our first Friday in June or first Friday in January bi-annual lotteries.  To be eligible for the TAGOS lottery, students must turn in an application prior to the lottery date.  It is highly recommended you scroll to the bottom of this page and download the TAGOS Application, fill it out, and then call us to schedule a visit (with your son or daughter) and become familiar with our students, staff, and philosophy.

Thank you for your interest in TAGOS Leadership Academy.

What do students say about TAGOS?

"I love TAGOS because I have the freedom to learn at my own pace and I will learn the things I am interested in that will be used in my daily life now and in the future.  This was not an option in a traditional school.  TAGOS fits my needs perfectly."
-Sarah, Sophomore (2008-09)

"At TAGOS I work better because I do projects on topics that interest me and there are less people.  I also find that TAGOS students and staff are more accepting than the traditional schools."
-Luke, Freshman (2008-09)

"TAGOS allows me to learn what I want to learn about."
-Brendan, Freshman (2008-09)

After being here I couldn't see myself going back to a traditional school again.  At TAGOS I have the ability to choose my own projects, log my time, and work at my pace."
-Joey, Freshman (2008-09)

"TAGOS is great for me because I get to learn at my own pace, make great friends, and I enjoy doing projects."
-Jessica, Sophomore (2008-09)

"The think I like about TAGOS is that I have my own personal desk space with a computer...and I do not have to mess around with going from class to class."
-Matt, 7th Grader (2008-09)

"I like doing projects that interest me and I get my own office cubicle with a computer."
-Aubrie, Junior (2008-09)

"I find TAGOS easier because I can study my interests and I do not have to sit and get in a traditional classroom."
-Marissa, Freshman (2008-09)

"TAGOS gives us the freedom to choose what we will learn instead of being forced to learn topics we do not choose and will not use."
-Logan, Sophomore (2008-09)

"We get our own space!  We do our own work without being bothered!"
-Caylon, Eight Grader (2008-09)

"It is better than sitting in a traditional classroom where a teacher blabs all hour and then gives you an assignment or test.  At TAGOS I have the choice in what I want to learn.  These projects that I choose will help me in my career interest."
-Kayla, Junior (2008-09)

"TAGOS gives me a different way of learning and allows me opportunities to learn at my own pace.  I do not feel like I am in a rush when working at TAGOS."
-Wezz, Freshman (2008-09)

"You pick topics that are interesting to you based on state standards at TAGOS.  I enjoy the ability to do math on PLATO and to have a designated read time each day."
-Jasmine, Sophomore (2008-09)

"(At TAGOS) mainly the students...they act different.  I see a big difference in the attitude and communication of myself and others from the beginning of the year until the end."
-Arlie, Junior (2008-09)

"I can work at my own pace.  This helps me to do better in my areas of weakness."
-Trinity, Seventh Grade (2008-09)


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